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Looking for creative save dates wedding ideas? We’ve got plenty!

Once you’ve finalized your date and venue you should start to look for your save dates wedding, it’s important to let your guests know about the big day.

You just need to find your wedding colors and then you can start thinking about your perfect wedding stationery. Maybe if you need a suggestion about color combinations you can check here our color chart.

When you are ready with your colors, you can start customising the template you choose. If you need another size, just change it on the page editor on the right part of the page.

Do you need other wording? Just add new text fields, delete text fields or you can look to our clipart gallery (on the left bottom of the editor page) to find the perfect calligraphy clipart for you. After you finish to edit your template you can save it, add it to cart and then after checkout you can download it in many formats.


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