Never choose the wrong color again. Use our color chart to get the perfect combination of colors for your wedding day.

Make your wedding stationery stand out with an unexpected color theme—that totally works . Pick your inspiration by these color combinations, choose your colors directly from the color chart. So you can use the color code directly on our editor page when you will personalise our templates with your colors. 
If you are a bride to be who just begins to plan your wedding, then we suggest go first with wedding theme and colors.
This will make the whole wedding planning thing so much easier and matching exactly your wedding dreams.
It’s not only for wedding, but you can choose you favourite colors also for posters, birthday invitations, baby shower cards, SVG files to customize as you wish.
Remember after checkout you can download the file you customised in many formats, such as JPEG, PNG, PDS, SVG and CMYK – JPEG.

We think you will have plenty of choices for colors, cliparts, add your pictures, and add your own logos.

You can also use color chart to find the exactly color if you are looking to create a fundraiser event or company event. It would be nice for your company to have your logo on the invitation and everything matching your event.

You will also find a gallery of clipart full with calligraphy, backgrounds and everything you need, you can also free draw and add a QR code if needed.

color chart xgoor - printable editable templates

Color Codes

Choose your colors to customize your template with.

Just copy your color code and paste it into our editor page where you want to edit your color design.

  • Mary Gold: dec05e
  • Yellow: f4d701
  • Orange: e75d1c
  • Warm Red: e43733
  • Rubine Red: cb005a
  • Red: d20a27
  • Maroon: d20a27
  • Burgundy: d20a27
  • Violet: 57167e
  • Plum: 57167e
  • Dark Purple: 81007f
  • Dark Magenta: ad0149
  • Fuchsia: f400a0
  • Raspberry: d42e5e
  • Hot Pink: e65a87
  • Cherry Blossom: feb7c5
  • Pearl Blush: f3d1c8
  • Nude: f4d4bd
  • Peach Blush: e6cfc9
  • Pearl Blush: f3d1c8
  • Candy Pink: f0b0c8
  • Blushing Bride: f9d5e1
  • Strawberry Ice: e38690
  • Toasted Almond: d2b29b
  • Metallic Gold: 857247
  • Brown: 5c321a
  • Beige: e5dbc0
  • Black: 000000
  • Forest Green: 005c29
  • Green: 005c29
  • Lucite Green: 7dd0b6
  • Evergreen: 39725f
  • Teal: 0097ac
  • Dark Blue: 192033
  • Royal Blue: 0123b4
  • Classic Blue: 1d4e89
  • Scuba Blue: 00b3ca
  • Navy Blue:1b2f5d
  • Acqua Marine: 9dc6d8
  • Mint: 9fccb5
  • Emerald Green: 019973
  • Fusion Coral: fb8674
  • Turquoise: 40c1ac
  • Bluebell: 8d97d5
  • Ocean Blue: 0f5070
  • Dark Gray: 6e6d6d
  • Metallic Silver: 969694
  • Lilac Gray: 868394
  • Glacier Gray: c7cbcc
  • White: ffffff

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